Summer Camp


Summer Camp Registration is currently closed.

As we approach the Summer Camp Session we wanted to keep everyone informed of the activities and share some guidelines. Our goal is to provide a great experience for our children this fun summer.

Summer Camp Daily Schedule:

Monday through Friday

From 7:30  a.m. drop off and pick up time by 6:00 p.m.

Please make sure you are prompt for drop off and pick up, we want to keep the kids focused on their activities

Summer Camp Schedule will be posted on the door of the dojo weekly.

We reserve the right to make slight adjustments to the schedule if needed

(Weather challenges, safety, emergencies, etc.)



Campers bring comfortable clothes, t-shirt, shorts, socks and sneakers (no flip flops for safety reasons on field trips)

Please have camper bring their favorites books for their “Reading Time”


Lunch and Snacks:

Campers will bring their lunch, beverages, lots of water and snacks in their lunch boxes.

Some fieldtrips may include a snack (Bowling and/or Skating) however still pack their lunches.

Please let us know if your child is allergic to any foods, plants, bugs, etc.


Field Trips: Do not forget FIELD TRIP FOR THE WEEK!!

In an effort to keep cost low we have picked one field trip a week.  Please see the schedule for field trip dates.

Movies Days are $1.00 at Citrus Park Mall Regal Theater. (You can provide additional $ for snacks or popcorn if you wish).

For the outdoor field trips please make sure they have sunscreen applied before arriving to camp. We will keep some sunscreen in the dojo as well.


Camp Fees:

Parents of campers will receive an invoice for registered weeks. Payment should be made prior to the start of the week of camp. If you are making weekly or monthly payments please put your payment in the payment drop box. If you would like to set up automatic payment via a debit or credit card please stop by the office.

The Regular Monthly Tuition for your child will be waived for students participating in the camp for 3 or more weeks in a given month. If you have questions see Sensei.

We hope that these guidelines keep us focused on providing the best experience for our children, giving them a safe and organized environment. If you have any questions please see me directly or call me at 813-920-7590

As always, I am very grateful for your support.