We are confident leaving our child with the staff at Lugo’s Martial Arts.  Everyone is trustworthy and our son is happy there during the week.  There is a variety of activities each week that are fun and also learning experiences.  Sempai Joel did a great job while Sensei was away and should be commended. Thank you Lugo’s Martial Arts for providing a great summer program!!  We will surely spread the word with our friends and family!

Kelli, Phil and Matthew Puleo

I have been going to Lugo’s Martial Arts for over 10 years and it has consistently been excellent instruction. Sensei Luis Lugo has a passion for teaching this traditional Okinawan Karate style. Now in my late-40’s, the conditioning is fantastic. I have a ton of daily energy, in addition to other positive aspects such as self-defense and confidence. Training is tough and challenging but still fun. I would recommend Lugo’s Martial Arts to anyone at any age. If you want traditional training and not all the watered down martial arts being taught these days … Train with the Lugo’s !!

Barb & Dan Tedesco

I have been friends with Sensei Luis and Gus for almost 30 years. They are 2 of the finest martial arts practitioners and teachers I’ve ever known. They teach traditional Okinawan Martial Arts, not the watered down version taught at too many schools today. Sport Karate has its place in their instruction, but is not primary… they teach great life skills.

Sensei Steve Johnson

I would first like to thank Lugo’s for everything you do. Our son started karate with Lugo’s in kindegarten. I have seen a big change in him from then to now. Yes, part of it is growing up but the other is the courtesy and respect he has developed and shows for others. Anytime there is something going on at home or school that could have an impact you all are always there to help in anyway you can. The summer camp is great. The camp keeps him busy and he has lots of fun. He is always sad when camp ends and can not wait until the next camp starts. I feel blessed to have Lugo’s teaching our son karate and also being a part of his life. I honestly believe Lugo’s is the best. Thank you again for everything you do.

Barbara Gussman

Our child Adriana has been attending the after school program and summer camp for about a year. Within that year she has developed great friendships. Sensei’s and sempai is teaching her about discipline, self control and defending herself. As her parents we have seen a great change in her behavior. We also feel part of a family. When we have events it feels like one big extended family. We really appreciate all you do. Thank you for such a great job.

The Stokes Family

This is my son’s second year at Lugo’s Martial Arts & Wellness he has participated in both the after-school and summer programs. Sensei Luis and Sensei Laura are true gems; not only are they both exemplary martial artists, they treat every student like family. The Sensei’s make sure the kids are active every day and with a variety of activities. One of my favorite things about Lugo’s is how the staff ensures the children are taken to a variety of parks and outdoor activities including hikes, local nature trails, aquatic parks, museums, movies and beaches. Half days during the school year are used for park outings and other varieties of training and team sports. Students practice some aspect of martial arts and fitness every day as well as have reading/homework time and social/relaxation time. I can go to work each day knowing my child is safe and engaged in healthy and productive activities.

The Britnell Family

My daughter has been enrolled in the after school and summer program for the past 2 years. She has made many friends and has learned so much. The staff at the dojo are great, and have always been so caring. Sensei Luis and Sempai Joel enjoy what they do, and I would recommend their program to anyone that has children.
Amanda Bliss

Fueled by passion, driven by commitment to our local community, managed & operated by pleasant and very positive individuals, Lugo’s martial arts has always remained as the best after-school choice for our child! This Dojo has certainly boosted our child’s confidence and our child’s ability to handle tough situations with ease! We highly recommend this academy to parents that are looking for extracurricular activities for their children!
Best regards,


We love Lugo’s Martial Arts! Our boys have been in the summer camp and after school program for over a year. They have learned so much, not just karate, but character, discipline, and the value of hard work.

Mindy Graham