Welcome to Lugo’s Martial Arts & Wellness!

Lugo’s Martial Arts & Wellness Center

Our mission is to help our community by positively influencing the physical and mental growth of our citizens via the rigorous training methods of the Martial Arts … to learn masterful ways to transform our thoughts, feelings and actions in a positive manner … to create a culture of self mastery to build a base of more tolerant, kind, compassionate and loving citizens in our community.In many cases the study of Martial Arts has become a watered-down version of its original state. In our “instant gratification” society, students are awarded black belts at a very young age, sometimes with very little instruction, leaving them in danger of a false sense of security.

Our goal is to uphold the true tradition of the Martial Arts.

Our classes concentrate on the training methods of the Okinawan Shuri-Ryu system.

The Shuri-Ryu system concentrates of a variety of self-defense movements (punches, kicks, blocks, sweeps, throws, joint locks, chokes), flexibility exercises, strengthening exercises, intense calisthenics, speed and agility drills, breathing exercises and energy flow.

It is a complete, systematic and holistic approach to Martial Arts mastery. Our classes are designed for kids, teens and adults.

Come visit our beautiful location at 8811 Gunn Highway in Odessa, one mile north of the Citrus Park Mall.

Call us at (813) 920-7590